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🌺✨Tarot card of the week: The Hermit ✨💫

Sometimes we need to unplug from life so that we may collect our thoughts and discover hidden truths. The Hermit card represents the perfectionist, analytical and organized sign of ♍ Virgo. Perhaps you are involved in a project that requires much research and investigation, or maybe you are trying to understand your life path. The Hermit card invites us to take time out for introspection. Meditation and journaling can be useful during this time. Sometimes it takes pulling away from a situation to help gain clarity into what needs to change. Whether you are seeking advice from a sage or just organizing your life or space, this is a time to get things in order. The obstacles/challenges: Avoid spending too much time alone, being unsocial, hiding from the outside world or being silent when you need to speak out.

What areas of your life need direction or change?

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