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Choosing a Tarot Reader: 6 Important Qualities

Finding the right reader is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There are so many options available. Many readers offer phone, online chat readings, email readings or Skype while others provide face-to-face readings. Reviews or referrals from friends can be helpful but they will not give specifics as to whether that particular reader is right for you. Everyone is different. In most cases it comes down to predictions and whether or not the reader is guiding you in a positive manner or leading you down the wrong path. There will be some readers you connect with and some that you do not connect with at all. While there are many important factors to consider when choosing an intuitive, there are also equally important personality traits that will result in a positive encounter.

Below are a few important qualities to look for in a tarot reader: 1. Empowering Look for someone who leaves you feeling empowered. This person should not make you feel dependent on them to provide answers. The reading should provide a feeling of awareness. If you experience a reader who causes feelings of fear, depression or worthlessness…run do not walk away. This also applies to readings that do not feel accurate to your situation. 2. Integrity One of the most important qualities is integrity. Many readers will tell you what you want to hear. Try to find someone who will deliver an honest, compassionate reading. It is better to know the truth than to hang onto hope that will never materialize. 3. Insightful Countless people seek guidance from an intuitive due to situations in their lives that are causing despair. The reading should be insightful and assist the querent in understanding not only what is happening but why. As is true for life, there are many layers in tarot card readings and it is exciting and rewarding to uncover hidden knowledge from the cards. 4. Objective It is important for the reader to remain objective meaning they are not allowing their personal feelings to direct you (the seeker) into a decision that you might not be ready to make. This is your journey and only you know what is best for you. 5. Encourages growth The reading should support your own personal growth. Many people seek assistance from a tarot reader and quickly discover that they are actually searching for confirmation of what they feel in their soul to be true. We all have the answers inside of us. Sometimes it takes the assistance of a reader to open the channel and decipher the code. 6. Opportunity for exploration of different possibilities and possible outcomes The advantage of tarot card readings is that we have opportunities to explore many choices and potential outcomes. Sometimes it helps to get a mental picture or have someone walk us through the process so that we can make a mindful grounded decision. A reader should be open to looking at the “what ifs.” Again this is part of the process of uncovering the many layers of the reading. Your experience should feel safe and non-judgmental. The most revealing readings happen when you feel comfortable and relaxed.

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