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  • "She has always been accurate, insightful and truthful. She has mentioned many things that we weren't sure what they meant, and later revealed themselves to be true! I adore her!"

  • "Fast, direct. she told me what i need to know. will call again!"

  • "It was a sad news but she was right about it"

  • "Diosa is my go to person. She has been there for me for almost 13 years. She is a gifted and an exceptional reader. I trust her predictions and value her advice."

  • "Diosa is definitely gifted. Her readings are accurate and she also gives great insight on the matter at hand. She has been my advisor for 13 years and it's because she had great at what she does."

  • "She's Amazing!! She said someone's coming into my life...with earthy qualities....well that someone called last night...he's in construction....Too Amazing!!!"

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