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Tarot Card of the Week: Queen of Cups

Embrace this sensitive, dreamy, intuitive time full of beauty. Queen of Cups invites us to step back and approach the situation from a loving, receptive, understanding heart. ❤️ You may find yourself devoted to friends, family and loved ones; maybe even feeling a little motherly. Perhaps you are slightly more sensitive or receptive to everything that is happening around you. Intuition can be strong making it difficult to discern between your feelings and the feelings of others. The appearance of this card may also represent a female in your life who possesses these characteristics. Cups have the watery 💧 influence of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Generally, the Queen of Cups can indicate a female with ♏ Scorpio energy, possibly lighter hair. The challenges: Avoid being needy, clingy, smothering, impractical or self-absorbed. Check in with yourself and ask, what do I seek in this situation? Are you looking for identity or security through other people rather than searching within?

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