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Tarot Card of the Week: The Emperor

There are times in life where we need to step up or seize an opportunity with confidence, courage, and emotional strength. Perhaps you are dealing with an authority figure such as a boss or father. The Emperor represents 🔥 fiery ♈️ Aries energy. Maybe you are mastering a skill or building a strong foundation through focus and determination. The appearance of the Emperor card reminds us to examine issues of power in our lives. Where are we in control (standing in our power), where are we abusing power and where are we giving it away or feeling lack of power? Maybe you are eagerly strategizing, setting boundaries; or, involved in a situation that requires intellect, a sense of order, stability and clear thinking. The obstacle: avoid overstepping boundaries, being rebellious, confrontational or trying to dominate the situation. On the flip side, be strong 💪 and don't turn away from an opportunity to stand up for yourself. Whether dealing with a person or a specific situation, the Emperor has many important lessons to teach. Where does the Emperor show up in your life?

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