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Tarot Card of the Week: The Sun Card

This is a time of feeling positive or optimistic about the present or future. Maybe you are finding your voice and confidently expressing yourself. Or, you may have just emerged from a dark time in your life and are finally able to move on and begin something new. This is a time of enlightenment and recognition. The Sun may also represent the ego needing to be the center of attention. The Sun invites us to appreciate the light in our life, remove judgment, embrace creativity and self-expression or pursue your passions with confidence. Perhaps there is a new love in your life that brings you joy and satisfaction. If you are questioning whether you are moving in the right direction, the Sun is a positive sign! The challenges/obstacles: Avoid being cold, immature or not allowing your light to shine due to lack of confidence or negative self-talk. In which area of your life is the Sun shining a spotlight? Sometimes it helps to shed a little light on a situation to discover the truth.

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