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🌺Tarot Card of the Week: 3 of Wands☀️

The birth of new opportunities or projects are around the corner! Three of Wands is a positive omen alerting us of success and enthusiasm in business ventures. Perhaps you are working with a group of people on a project, or maybe you are just experiencing something for the first time. Three of Wands corresponds with fiery ♈ Aries. Wands energy brings 🎨 creativity, energy and passion. Remember to pay attention to the small details. Sometimes it is easy to get so lost in looking beyond that we forget to enjoy the journey. The obstacles/challenges: there might be difficulty putting plans into action or creative blocks could get in the way; perhaps you are about to begin a new project, but lack of experience is getting in the way. What areas in your life need more focus? Are you experiencing every moment?

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