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Tarot Card of the Week: Four of Pentacles

Material matters, 💰 finances or security are the primary concern and play a major role in decisions: whether it is making money, holding onto or losing something of value, or improving status. Maybe there was a recent period of growth and there is fear of not being able to maintain success. The Four of Pentacles represents ♑ Capricorn earth energy. The appearance of this card invites us to explore the reason behind the motivation. Ambition and determination to succeed can be more important than anything else. The need for security or a feeling of insecurity can spill over into other areas such as ️ love. Perhaps there is fear of letting go or losing an important relationship. Maybe you are afraid to take a step forward in ️ ❤️ love due to fears or insecurities from the past. Sometimes it is important to pay close attention and err on the side of caution.

Obstacles: greed, poor financial decisions or taking too many risks and not being practical. Avoid holding on when you need to let go.

Are you making decisions based on security rather than happiness? Where in your life is fear getting in the way?

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