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Tarot Card of the Week: 5 of Wands

Challenge can be exciting but other times, it can feel like there are struggles at every turn and it is difficult to get ahead. The Five of Wands represents fiery Leo energy.

Perhaps you are going after something in life and there is much competition. Maybe you are making decisions but feeling an internal battle about how to proceed; or, maybe there is conflict around you. Remember to stop, take a deep breath and think things through. This situation requires your attention and it is important to stay present, focused and alert.

Five of Wands is not always negative...sometimes the appearance can represent many different ideas or projects but it is difficult putting plans into action. This might be a time in your life where you crave more excitement or change. This may even be the end of a period of conflict and distress.

The obstacles: Be aware of the intentions of those around you. Due to the increased stress, make sure to schedule some time for yourself. 

What areas of your life require your attention right now?

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