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What is an aura?

If you have ever felt uncomfortable in crowded places or felt someone's aura was barging in on your space, you are not alone; this can happen when somebody gets too close for comfort. It may sound crazy, but it is a reality that many people live with every day- despite the fact they don't know why this happens or what causes an intrusion of another person's energy field into their own.

At times, you might feel uneasy in the presence of a particular person. When you enter a room, there may be a sense that something is wrong. The human aura is a powerful electromagnetic field that we give off and absorb energy. You can feel this energy force in any room full of people with varying interchanged energies (positive and negative).

Aura is the term used for an individual's energy field. There is an Aura around every living thing: animals, plants, trees, and people in your environment- whether good or bad. Notice how specific energies change when in contact with others; this is because the aura reflects what type of personality someone displays over time; it also reveals any injuries sustained by them and may explain sudden changes in behavior. The aura is an extension of our energies, be it strong, weak, fair, light and bright, or dull and dense.

There are seven aura layers, but the first three layers surrounding the human body are the most accessible to human perception. It is possible to see an aura with the eyes wide open, or it can also be seen psychically with the eyes closed.

So far, we've talked about the basics of auras. In the next blog post, we'll explore what each color of an aura means. Stay tuned!

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